1. When Diet and exercise isn’t working, what’s next?

There is no short cut to weight loss but there are plenty of roadblocks. Instead of
frustration, ups and downs, and plateaus, look in a different direction. When you
objectively measure how the body is working, you will know what is getting in the way.

2. Comprehensive testing to determine roadblocks in health

The roadblocks to weight loss are numerous and vary from individual to individual. To
help identify the roadblocks for each individual specific tests and assessments are critical
to getting a complete picture to develop the most specific plan.

Hormones, liver function, individualized nutrition, and gut health are all important to achieve the best results. Some individuals may need more attention in certain areas that others, but with The Wellness
Way Approach your body has the best chance at lasting results.

3. Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation leads to more weight gain than anything else on the planet. What causes
inflammation? Traumas, toxins, and thoughts. Traumas are things that happen physically,
such as bad posture or not being allowed to recover from something strenuous.

What happens when you hurt yourself—twist your ankle, stub your toe, get a bug bite, etc.?
The brain sends messages to the body, and tells it that the trauma needs to be taken care
of. The spot gets red and swollen—held immobile and serving as a signal that the injury
needs time and space to heal.

The same thing happens within your body. If you eat something you’re allergic to and it
triggers a response, your immune system targets it. The inflammation flares up and serves
as a beacon for the immune system. If you have enough inflammation, it can easily show
itself as excess weight.

4. A focus on function on sustainable weight loss.

You can’t tell how healthy someone is just by looking at them. Someday–for better or
worse–the outside will catch up with the inside. Therefore, your goal shouldn’t be solely
to weigh less; it should be to gain health and help your body function better.

A side effect of a healthy, well-functioning body will often be weight loss. Why? Excess weight gain is
an inflammatory response to traumas, toxins, and thoughts. A healthy body won’t store
excess water weight because of inflammation, or excess body fat–your body will only do
so if it has to keep you safe.

When you start to get healthier, and your body functions better, you won’t have to depend on a scale to see if you’ve lost weight. Your clothes will start to fit better, it’ll be easier to lose weight, and keep that weight off.

5. A diet with real food that is specific to each individual.

We’re told that the way we should adjust eating for weight loss is to eat less. While this
makes sense on paper, it’s not so simple in practice. The amount you eat matters less than
what you eat. Our bodies are made to digest real food—what you’d find in nature. Lean
meats, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Fast food isn’t real food—it’s chemicals
designed to fool your brain into thinking it’s food. It cannot, however, fool your body.

The Wellness Way did an experiment, at one point. We bought a burger from a popular
fast-food franchise, put it out on a shelf, and just let it sit. Over a decade later, it hadn’t
changed much at all, except for the bun starting to cave in a little. Your body isn’t made
to be able to break that down—it can’t gain nutrients from these imposter “foods”.

Within the realm of “real food,” there are also a few things to watch out for. Namely,
allergies. Most people think that if a food doesn’t cause you to swell up or feel tingly, it’s
not an allergy. This isn’t true. An allergy is simply a substance that got into your blood
stream at one point, and that your immune system marked as an intruder. It sent
antibodies to fight it, and those antibodies are now in your body’s database, ready to be
summoned any time that substance shows back up. This again causes inflammation.

Of course, the reason we lean toward fast food is that it’s fast and easy. Eating real food
and preparing meals
free of allergens can be daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be

If your goal is weight loss, then, you need to identify where the roadblocks are coming
from in your life. A few of those roadblocks being stress, inflammation, hormone
imbalances, and your lifestyle. Your body works like a Swiss watch—each gear or
system impacting the others.