Depression & Mood Disorders

We know this is a hot topic, and if you’ve used any type of mood stabilizer, or anti-depressants in the past, or maybe you are currently on them, we want to let you know that there is a better approach. We have done the research, and know that they are damaging to your body, have adverse effects and there some amazing natural things that you can do to balance that. It’s all about knowing the right things to do.


Mood disorders are often treated through medication when a person visits their doctor. Let’s take a look at depression, anxiety and mood disorders in general.  What do these medications do; what are the effects of the medications; are they safe or are they dangerous; what else we should be looking for that are causing your mood issues; and the things you can do to fix these issues without the need for medication.

When you live with high anxiety and depression – you just want to feel normal. At the EnVitality Wellness Center we want to teach you some things you can do so that you aren’t dependent on the drugs. Stop looking for the quick fix. That quick fix is going to have long term side effects. In 1987, Prozac was created. When they sent it off to the FDA to be approved, they failed to mention the side effects. Three case studies were done and in the first case study, Prozac was no better than a placebo. No better than a sugar pill.

Now our commercials are filled with the side effects listed in a fast list. But we still take the drug because it makes us feel better. The scariest thing about these drugs is that you are altering your brain chemicals.


What the medications are designed to do is to have an effect on your frontal lobe. The frontal lobe gives you your emotions, and makes you have desires. If that is really low and you have depression, or it’s really high and you have anxiety, doctors are going to choose a medication that is going to have an effect on that area of the frontal lobe. But the medications don’t balance what’s going on – they just dampen the brain function. So physically, the doctors are just slowing the function of your brain.

A follow-up visit to the doctor results in the doctor asking another round of questions, but, the structure of these is designed so they always give a favorable result. They’ll ask if you feel better, do you feel less depressed, do you have less suicidal thoughts?  The doctor never questions the patient’s quality of life: do you have joy? Are you enjoying activities? Are you enjoying being around your family?  They don’t ask quality of life questions, they just want to get you over a bad slump. People are relying on the medications to bring them joy, when that’s not the purpose of the medication. The purpose is just to dampen brain function.


When a person visits their doctor with any symptoms of a mood disorder, they are asked questions to determine what state they are in. The only response they will receive from their doctor is that they need to be put on medication.

Doctors will not test for a chemical imbalance, or look at your neurotransmitters. They don’t know if you are on a serotonin reuptake inhibitor or dopamine blocker. They don’t test to see the root cause of the issue. Unfortunately your brain chemicals are being altered by medications and this leads to all these side effects and adverse effects.


One of the dangers of taking medications, aside from slowing and dampening brain function – you are also altering the way your brain communicates with the rest of your body. There is research showing that people who have been on these medications, for as long as 3 years, can see shrinking of their brain tissue under a microscope, you literally will see a slowed down version of yourself. This is why is it so difficult to come off the medications. You never have the highs or the lows, your life is just dampened. This is not how we want you to live, when there are other ways to get your joy and your life back.

Some patients are even getting put on these medications without having any depression or anxiety. They don’t have the right symptoms, but because some of those boxes were checked on the Depression Form, the doctors believe they are a good candidate for the medications. Or they have Fibromyalgia, and hurt all over, but their blood work is normal, there is nothing wrong with them that the doctor can see, so they believe it’s all in their head. That’s the difference between us here at Millpond Wellness Center and medical doctors. Doctors just treat the symptoms, so you can feel better and come back for refills without figuring out what’s really wrong with you.