Restore Your Health


Most people don’t know why their body isn’t acting the way they want it to. At The Wellness Way Clinics, we’re dedicated to finding the answers you need, no matter what. Our approach starts with one of the major principles of chiropractic care. The Three T’s. We believe there are three factors that impact and impart disorder within the body: trauma, toxins, and thoughts.

Chiropractors have a deep knowledge of the body and how the systems work together to create total health. That’s what makes The Wellness Way Approach so different. We understand that the body is like a Swiss Watch. Like the gears of the Swiss Watch, all of the body’s systems are connected. If the smallest gear of a Swiss Watch stops working or goes slower, it impacts the whole watch. The Three T’s affect the body in infinite ways. So discovering why and how the Three T’s are affecting your body specifically is the first step to overcoming your health problems, big or small.

So how do we do this? We don’t guess, we test.


A proper clinical diagnosis can’t be made on symptoms alone. Finding the missing piece to your overall health requires looking at the bigger picture. That’s why we use powerful and proven laboratory testing to create a truly personalized insight into your body to help you overcome the health problems caused by the Three T’s.

Incomplete testing leaves practitioners shooting in the dark. Complete testing provides the whole picture and guides the next steps. We work with a number of leading labs throughout the country to bring patients the most innovative and powerful testing. At The Wellness Way Clinics, diagnostic testing is the foundation of what we do to get you back to your best health. We will stop at nothing to uncover the health concerns that are holding you back. Once you find the missing piece to your health, you will discover a renewed sense of hope, purpose and understanding of your body.

This is the first step to restoring your health.


After we help you understand why and how the Three Ts are affecting your health, we work with you to guide your body back to homeostasis. What is homeostasis? It is the processes embedded in you as a human being that programs your systems for normalcy. Think of the Swiss Watch. When all the systems of your body are functioning together, your body will naturally self-regulate and return to healthy functioning.

Simply put, once we find your missing piece, we can help you become whole again.

Our highly-trained clinicians and staff will work with you every step of the way, providing you with the essential guidance to overcome the Three Ts using a personalized plan informed by your unique biology. From hands-on chiropractic care to personalized nutrition programs, lifestyle changes, and more, our passionate and unapologetic team understands that every individual is different and a truly unique combination of steps and measures must be taken to bring you back to total wellness.

It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Because when you are in control of your health and wellbeing, no one can keep you from living the life you’ve always dreamed about.

This is The Wellness Way. This is health restored.

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