Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders affect 50 million Americans. That’s more people than those who suffer from cancer and heart disease combined. If we don’t change our thinking, the numbers will continue to skyrocket!  Autoimmune Disease is NOT an immune issue.

Some say 75% of those Americans suffering from autoimmune disease are women. We aren’t talking about it enough. When we do talk about it- we are talking about it wrong! All of these people are being misled on their thinking and unless we change our thinking, the autoimmune disease numbers are going to continue to skyrocket.


There is nothing wrong with your immune system. There are over 100 autoimmune diseases that we hear about every day and these people are told their immune system is turning on their healthy cells. Does that make any sense? They are told their bodies are broken. They aren’t broken. 

If we don’t change our thinking, autoimmune diseases are going to continue to skyrocket. When you see people with autoimmune diseases suffering like crazy and their doctors are giving them bad advice it is really hard not to get triggered. We have heart enough to say enough is enough. Here at Millpond Wellness Center we don’t want to see people “managing their illness” because that sets them up for a lifetime of illness. Change your results with a different approach. Schedule a free consultation and let’s get you tested!


  • Hashimoto’s
  • Graves
  • Lupus
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Psoriasis
  • Any other of the other many autoimmune conditions?

These bodies aren’t broken and that’s not all they have in common. These conditions are all the same. They just impact different parts of the body. The commonality that they do have is that there has been a change to the immune system. Our bodies all have an immune system which is a special network of cells and functions to protect the body from foreign invaders. If your body is going after its own cells there is something wrong. Your body doesn’t make mistakes.


What can be wrong? There are a lot of toxins and stresses that are inflicted on the body because of modern day life. It can be your food allergies, the GMOs that you eat, chemicals you put on your body from your beauty products, it can be mold in your house, and it can also be this big one- vaccines. All of these can damage, or change, the cells in your body causing the immune system to look at it as a foreign invader.

Let’s take a look at Celiac disease. Nobody’s immune system is meant to tolerate gluten. It causes damage and inflammation. When you have Celiac it causes a trigger to the immune system when you eat gluten. When gluten-based products go into the stomach what happens? The tissue is damaged, and the body identifies it as a foreign invader. It goes, “holy mackerel you don’t belong here anymore.” The body didn’t make a mistake. The person who ate gluten did.


Ingesting something you shouldn’t have triggers an immune response. If you stop eating gluten, then it will stop the damage and healing can happen. You don’t have to change the body. There is no magic medication that stops the damage or reverses Celiac. You have to change what you are doing and stop beating up your body. All you have to do to stop the immune system from reacting is to remove the thing that is changing the cellular matrix of the GI tract. Guess what happens. Your immune system doesn’t go and attack the tissue.

This is the same for all autoimmune disease and it’s a different way of looking at supporting your body. A way of thinking that doesn’t just try to change the body with drugs because it thinks the body is making a mistake. You need to change what you are doing and remove the toxicity, so the body stops attacking.


They say there is no cure for autoimmune but in my practice, we test people and remove the stresses that are damaging their body. I have seen those autoimmune markers go down. Their bodies start to heal! That isn’t the ending the majority of people get though. Do you know what the typical medical professional tells people who have autoimmune disease? That they have to be on medication for the rest of their life because there is no cure. Do you know what the drugs they give people for autoimmune disease do? The medications are drugs, like steroids, that suppress the immune system.

Does that sound good to suppress your immune system? Do you remember how we talked about your immune system protects your body from foreign invaders? Steroids suppress your immune system and one of the risks of continued use of steroids is cancer. Your body’s ability to fight foreign invaders has been removed. When you take steroids, you aren’t removing what is causing your body’s damage. You aren’t addressing what is causing a toxic response in your body and then you are disabling your body’s defense. That is not a long-term plan that leads to a quality life. Schedule an appointment now to get long-term results.