Gut Restoration

There is plenty of research that now links a leaky gut to autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, GERD, and acid reflux. Much of this is the gut microbiome that affects all of the immune system, to such an extent, that between 70 – 80% of immune functions start inside the gut. The chiropractic team in ENGLEWOOD can help you figure what’s wrong, and get you back on track.


All of the body’s natural health starts here; the gut is the core building block and foundation of our health. If you are suffering from indigestion, skin problems, constant bloating, or simply just don’t feel right no matter what you’re doing, good chance there’s something wrong in your gut. Leaky gut is a major issue in the US and often times no matter how healthy you are or what nutrition plan you follow, you may still be experiencing gut pain. Aches and pains, hormone issues, and blood sugar problems among many others all stem from bad gut issues.

Because the gut plays such a major role in everything that goes on in our bodies, that is typically the first place we will look when someone comes to see us at The Wellness Way – Centennial. Leaky gut plays such a crucial role in everything else that happens inside the body, it can often be that gut problems are the root cause of your issue.

It’s critically important to heal your gut and a detoxing protocol is a good starting point. Think of your body being on fire, and in order to put that fire out, we have to start repairing the holes in your gut, so we can stop it leaking into your bloodstream and causing systemic issues such as autoimmune issues, headaches, depression and other issues.

Leaky gut syndrome is a huge issue, and we need to go through a major gut health detox cleanse to heal the gut and seal the gut to get rid of all the bad things inside. In effect what we aim to do is to rebuild the gut from the floor up.



Leaky gut can lead us on a downward spiral of ailments and illnesses. A bad gut and digestive issues are the root of a lot of other health problems. Whether it is fatigue, headaches or dizziness, there comes a point where you begin to stress, and a glass of wine or a couple of beers to help sleep seems the best solution. But wait, there’s a better way! Schedule an appointment now to get the help your body needs.