Alternative Allergy Testing

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We often associate allergies with seasonal changes. For instance, when ragweed or pollen counts are high, many of us will experience itchy eyes and runny noses. But allergic symptoms can come from sources beyond our environment. In fact, food can be a major trigger for lots of people. 

Allergy tests can help you understand which foods your body does not tolerate. But, the alternative allergy tests offered by the Wellness Way go a step further. Our holistic approach will ensure that every factor in your health is considered so that you can obtain complete wellness in both body and mind.

What are food allergies and intolerances?


If you frequently have physical complaints that you can’t find a cause for, the things that you are eating could be the culprit. This is because sometimes our bodies see certain foods as a threat, triggering an immune response. It’s important to know that although allergies and intolerances can be more common for certain foods, it’s possible for anything to cause a reaction.


The symptoms of food allergies and intolerances will also be different for each person. Many people get itchy, flushed, or have rashes, while others experience congestion, breathing problems, or stomach issues. Some will simply get tired, sore, or feel generally unwell, depending on their own body and the food that they eat. 


Reactions to food can vary in lots of ways. They can be life-threatening for many people or cause a mild inconvenience for others. Your own immune response to triggering foods may also change over time and become more severe with increased exposure.


That’s why it is so vital to know what foods you may be allergic to. An allergy test will help you figure out what foods cause you issues and can be the first step in building a plan to feel better and more healthy.

Food Allergies

Understanding inflammation is the key

At the Wellness Way, we focus on three things – traumas, toxins, and thoughts. Each one of these “T’s” can be a cause of inflammation. However, food allergens typically fall under the umbrella of “toxins.” 

When you ingest a toxin or food that you are allergic to or intolerant of, inflammation will occur. Depending on the part of your body that becomes inflamed, you will experience allergy symptoms. This could mean that you feel short of breath or break out into hives. Inflammation can also cause many other symptoms, so it’s important to recognize its role in your discomfort and overall health.


Get an allergy test that actually works


There are different types of allergy testing available. Prick or scratch tests are common options that you might find at an allergist’s office, but they’re not the only type of allergy testing out there. 


While these traditional medicinal approaches to allergies and intolerances might work for some people, there are many people that are left with unresolved issues and concerns. That’s because most practitioners focus on acute symptoms instead of looking at the big picture. So an alternative allergy test can offer a solution to help people that have not had success with symptom-based care.

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If you’ve found yourself searching “alternative allergy testing near me,” you’re in the right place. The Wellness Way approach will consider the three T’s – trauma, toxins, and thoughts – that might be impacting your health. Together, we’ll help you find your way back to wellness. Contact us today!